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Green Address Review

This wallet is the right solution for first-time bitcoin owners and crypto experts. It has a desktop version, mobile app, and web version. The wallet comes with:

  • Intuitive interface to start using all features in a few minutes only.
  • A lot of advanced options to configure the security settings by your choice. Many options to protect your coins.
  • User-friendly support by an expert team of blockchain and bitcoin professionals.
  • Different options to monitor your BTC in real time.

Green Address Bitcoin Wallet

For every wallet, it is essential to know how easy you can use it, what's available to secure your coins, how to get started, and how to use it for transactions.

With Green Address you have a choice: friendly interface, basic settings, advanced features, extra security layers, intuitive platform and navigation.

Green Address App

Source: Blockstream.com

Main Features

  • Multilingual interface - available in 12 languages
  • Fee control (spending limits) - low-fee transfer, medium fee, and express transaction
  • Option for Bitcoin Testnet
  • Very good interface with quick access to all sections
  • Multi-signature
  • Two-factor authentication per transaction
  • BIP32 key derivation standard - better privacy, easier back up.
  • Correction of wrong words (instant check per word only)

* SegWit is a simplified process to make a bitcoin transaction
** RBF is Replace-By-Fee. This feature speeds up your transaction, but it requires a higher fee.

Additional Features

  • Link Handler (to handle bitcoin:links).
  • Email notification for upcoming and outgoing transactions.
  • Encrypted mnemonic phrase with password.
  • Extra account to separate your funds.
  • Economy transaction priority (with 24 blocks).

Note: The desktop (PC & Laptop) edition has a light version with green-white colors. It's the same wallet, but it has a different design than the mobile app.

Main Security

  • PIN for quick access
  • 24-word recovery phrase

Additional security features

  • Email verification
  • SMS notification
  • Call confirmation
  • Recovery ("nLocktime") transactions
  • 2FA - Two-factor authentication with Google authenticator
  • Watch-only access (with user-name and password)
  • Secured connectivity - Through a proxy, Tor (with Onion site)
  • Optional PGP encryption for user emails
Install GreenAddress Wallet

How to install Green Address

  • Download using the links below (it is always recommended to visit the official site)
  • Click on the downloaded file and run the program
  • Proceed with installation
  • Complete the installation process

How to setup

Follow the steps below to start using the wallet:

  1. Launch the wallet using the icon 'Green'.
  2. Write down your secret phrase - it's 24-word mnemonic phrase in a specific order (there is a QR code as well).
  3. Confirm your seed phrase with 3-4 questions (you can not continue if you do not prove your security phrase).
  4. Set up a PIN and add additional security layer by your device (only if you wish). If you add a PIN your mnemonic phrase will be encrypted in your wallet.
  5. Enter your wallet.
  6. Configure your spending fee (it's recommended to do that).
  7. Generate a Bitcoin address to receive BTC.
  8. Send BTC to anyone by your choice (if you know his/her address).

Additional setup

  • Default transaction priority - Fast, Medium, Slow, Economy *.
  • Custom fee rate in Satoshi (sat).
  • Auto logout timeout.
  • PGP key.
  • SPV synchronization.
  • Notes to transactions.

* Available in Desktop wallet

Download GreenAddress Wallet

Source: Blockstream.com

Download options

Below you can see direct download links for any device type. You can find them on the official website of GreenAddress:

Wallet Download Page: https://greenaddress.it/en/wallet.html#/create_warning

1. Desktop PC & Laptop (files: .exe, .dmg, .AppImage, .zip, .tar.gz, .asc)

  • Mac OS
  • Linux
  • Windows OS

Latest releases: https://github.com/greenaddress/WalletElectron/releases

2. Mobile & Tablet

There are no known issues with anti-virus programs and firewall.

Ireland Bitcoin Wallet

How to use with BitIreland

  1. Download, install, configure.
  2. Go to dashboard (shield icon).
  3. Click on receive.
  4. Tap (on the Address) to copy.
  5. Place the address in your order at BitIreland

Disclaimer: This wallet is not owned and managed by the BitIreland Team. We do not take any responsibility for its features, services, quality, and process.

Green Address Company Details

GreenAddressit Limited

Vincenti Buildings 28/19 (Suite No. 1405)
Strait Street, VLT1432 Valletta, Malta
VAT Number: MT21552512

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