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Green Address Mobile Wallet

The mobile BTC wallet has a new interface with much easier navigation, prettier design and easy to use settings. The wallet is an excellent choice for both beginners and experts.

It's full of features to secure your BTC. Continue reading to understand how to install, setup and use.

You need to have: Pen/Pencil, paper to write down your secret phrase, mobile device with active Internet connection, and at least 10% battery.

Mobile App Download

Step by step tutorial for mobile devices - Android and iPhone*

Green Address Bitcoin

Android Wallet

Size: 14 MB // Requires: Android 4.4 or up

iPhone Wallet

Size: 20.2 MB // Requires: iOS 11.0 or later

* Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Once the application is downloaded and installed, you can configure your wallet.

Start Configuring Your Bitcoin Wallet

Green Address Mobile App

Launch the Application by clicking the icon. You will see the welcome screen which is visible for new installations only.

For Green Address owners, there is a button ‘Login’.

Activate Bitcoin Wallet

Green Address Bitcoin activation

It's selected Bitcoin by default. The Testnet option is for different purposes. Also, the drop-down menu has an opportunity to activate additional security features. Once you click on it, you can add ‘Proxy’ and ‘Tor’ connection (these options are for advanced users).

Choose Bitcoin and click ‘Save’.

Start using your wallet

Green Address Login Interface

On the next step, you can start the setup. It requires to agree with the wallet’s Terms and Conditions.
Once it’s done, click ‘Continue’.

Security Advice

Green Address security recommendation

On the next step, you will see a security warning about how to store your seed phrase for recovery.
That’s your private key - the most crucial thing of your bitcoin wallet.

It’s good to follow the ‘Best Practice’.

Write down your recovery phrase

Green Address seed phrase

On this step, the application will display your mnemonic phrase.

  • You will see a 24-word recovery phrase in 4 following steps.
  • 6 words per level.
  • Write all words in the exact order.

Confirm your mnemonic phrase

Green Address recovery phrase
  • You will have 3 to 4 step challenge.
  • You need to provide the exact word each time.

That’s the way to confirm your recovery phrase.

Set up your PIN code

Green Address PIN

Add a 6-digit PIN code to protect your wallet. It should be something you can remember. You can write it down next to your recovery phrase for your convenience.

It’s not recommended to ‘skip’ this step.

Two-Factor authentication Settings

2FA Green Address

Activate one or more of them by your choice (optional). What’s available:

  1. Email
  2. SMS
  3. Call
  4. Google Authenticator (requires more time to set up)

If you skip this step, it's recommended to activate the 2FA as soon as possible.

Get your Bitcoin address

Green Address BTC wallet

To buy Bitcoin from BitIreland.ie you need to provide a valid Bitcoin address of your wallet. At the top right of your screen you can generate a new address (if you wish):

  1. Open the app.
  2. Go to your dashboard, click on ‘Receive’.
  3. Tap on the Bitcoin address (under the QR code).
  4. Copy (it’s automatic upon tap) and paste it in your order.

Send/Sell Bitcoin from your Green Address

Green Address send Bitcoin

It’s pretty much the same process, but in your ‘Dashboard’ click on Send. Then you will see two options:

  • Field to add the receiver's BTC address,
  • QR code scanner.

Now, you're ready to go.

It's highly recommended to active more security features! Don't forget them.

Download Tutorial