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What is 2FA

The 2FA (two-factor authentication) is an additional security layer to protect your account access. Usually, it's like a secondary password using a different methodology to authenticate yourself (not the current password with a combination of words, numbers, and symbols).

It's an extension to confirm access, action, or a process (like Bitcoin transactions). You can use it on sites like Facebook, Google, GreenAddress, and many others.

In general, it requires confirmation from your phone. The 2FA password is a 6-digit code - sent, displayed, or pronounced.

Why you need the 2FA

To access an account, you need to use the login details. They are username (user ID) and password. Sometimes a malicious software or a script can catch your login information. It's possible, and you may not know about that.
Why 2FA?

To protect access to sensitive data and private information, you can add extra security to avoid problems like such situations.

It’s your responsibility to take care of yourself (and your security). When we talk about Bitcoins, you should consider it.

What types of 2FA we have

It's a well-known security principle invented a long time ago. Maybe you already know it from the movies. There are many film scenes when someone needs access to something with top-level security, and it requires two different keys at the same time to unlock a door (vault, bank safe deposit box, government facilities, etc.). It works the same way here.

Now we’re going to see what are the options.

2FA Crypto

Traditional 2FA

The traditional methods include ownership verification via an email link, SMS code, or a phone call. You need to keep your email address and phone number up to date.

The classic 2FA with SMS code sometimes is better, because you don't need data on your mobile to access the secondary passcode (It’s a regular text message). If you're a security fan, you should know that this way your code will be sent over the carrier network and registered with the SMS provider.

The email link (you need to check your inbox, and sometimes the SPAM folder) and phone calls can be a better choice for classic 2FA.

2FA Software (App)

A trendy way is to use 3rd party apps. There are many options out there powered by Google, Windows, Authy, and some others. The list is vast, but you need only one of them.

The software requires a private key which is produced by the platform (software, app, wallet, exchange, website) that you wish to secure. It has two versions - pass-code and QR code.

Then you have to apply this private key in the 2FA software (app) and start generating the secondary password (you will still need to use your primary password).

You can submit it manually or scan the code with your device's camera. Upon completion, you can use advanced confirmation.

Notice: Your secondary password provided by the 2FA app is time-based. Usually, it expires every 20 seconds.

How Two-Factor authentication works

2FA has simple principles with rock-solid logic using two types of passwords in tandem. It's part of the login procedure, but you can add it to many types of verification (especially bitcoin transfers).
2FA Wallet Security

It’s close to the block-chain cryptographic structure – you have a private key, and a secondary key (but this time it's not public).

Step by step authentication

The App is integrated within the login page you’re using to enter.

  1. The secondary piece of the passcode is randomly generated. You need the active one.
  2. Submit the correct code.
  3. The login page gets confirmation about that in real time.
  4. You’re allowed to enter the site/app.

What is Google 2FA

First things first - it's powered by Google. It’s an application with website version and mobile application (for iOS and Android). You can use it for your Google Account, and for any other connected 3rd party sites.

Google 2FA

There are many flexible settings to make it as comfortable as possible.

You can set up – Codes via text, Phone call, Application with easy to use Interface. There are options to get a one-time backup code (if you don’t have access to your phone), alternative phone numbers, and USB Security Key.

It’s probably the most popular one, and that’s the 3rd party app available at BitIreland.

How to get started with 2FA and Bitcoin

The classic verification with phone number and email are well-known. We're going to explain how to use a 2FA with software provided by Google because that's available in your account at BitIreland.
2FA Registration

Visit Google 2FA page


Get access

You can do that by activating an account on Google's website and then to add your back up code (given by the Bitcoin exchange) from a place by your choice (site, app, exchange, etc.). You need to follow the steps from 'Get Started'.

Keep in mind that it requires a Google account, if you don't have any you'll need to create one.

Download the app

For Apple devices: https://itunes.apple.com/bg/app/google-authenticator/id388497605?mt=8
For Android devices: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.au...

For owners of Windows only devices, the desktop version is the right place to get started:


Login to your account

Using your username and password.

Go to page 'My Details'

Sign in to your BitIreland account, visit the section 'My Details', and under 'Two Factor Authentication' click 'Enable'.

Scan the QR code (generated in your BitIreland profile) with your phone or tablet, or alternatively, submit the code manually to Google 2FA.

It's good to write down your backup code and keep it well.

That's it. Now, you can use 2FA every time you enter your account at the Irish Bitcoin Exchange.

Get started with 2fa

Once the 2FA is active, you can start using it on the login page. You will see a 2FA login screen upon email and password verification. You need to have an active 2fa feature with a proper configuration to achieve the effect and its correct functionality.


You should keep your private key. You can restore the security feature even when the device is lost or damaged. You can use the same practice as protecting your seed phrase - write it down on a list of paper.

To configure 2FA at BitIreland, follow the steps:

Activate 2FA for your account