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Welcome to Bitcoin

Is it your first step into the crypto world? The first-time crypto owner is someone with lack of knowledge and a big hunger for information. It requires a lot of experience, and an in-depth understanding of many things.

There is no reason to fear anything. The BTC market is more friendly than many other industries.

There is no doubt that Bitcoin is Choice #1 if you wish to start with cryptocurrencies. It’s not because it has Rank #1. There is a lot more. Continue reading the article to explore all reasons.

Major crypto coin

1. The first cryptocurrency

That’s the backbone of the whole crypto market. It’s also the pioneer of the block-chain integration. It’s been over a decade since January 2009 - the first release of BTC.

The coin has a clear vision, purpose and principles.

All other coins rely on BTC methodologies, even the cryptographic models (known as hash). You can understand any other crypto if you’re familiar with Bitcoin. The opposite may be not the same.

The coin has a history, a lot of challenges, interesting facts, changes and improvements, business integrations, different options for beginners and experts, and even more.

Bitcoin community

2. The biggest community

It has a huge digital community with a lot of members from all over the world. There are forums, social networks profiles, groups, chats, local clubs. You can talk about Bitcoin to anyone. It’s a well-known currency, and probably everyone has an opinion about it. The community mostly maintains the crypto market. You can rely on people with values, not just interested in how to make a lot of money quickly.
Bitcoin trading

3. Available at every exchange

Yes, it’s available at any crypto exchange service. Once you start using BTC, you can convert it to fiat currency or another crypto. Once you start owning BTC, you can do whatever you wish with it. BitIreland offers a straightforward process to get started, and we have answers to all your questions. The live chat is an excellent tool to get help instantly.
BTC Wallets

4. A huge number of wallets

There are over 200 independent wallets to choose from. They’re compatible with any platform - Windows, Android, Apple OS, Linux, etc. You can get started quickly and use many risk-free features. It’s easy to download, install and configure a wallet. Then you may try different platforms to choose the most secure, easy to use, and fast. Once you understand one BTC wallet, then you can start using any other wallet with ease.
Bitcoin explained easily

5. A lot of guides, video clips, and explanations

If you have a ‘how-to’ question, there is an answer. It can be a PDF file, blog, video clip, website, presentation, interview, or something else. You can get familiar with absolutely any type of information about Bitcoin. You can find answers from different users, trusted experts, community members, etc. It's good to compare the point of view, comment, and share your thoughts. If you need any further information, you can ask at many sites. And you'll get an answer very soon.
BTC daily news

6. Daily news

Each and every day you can read news about Bitcoin. There is a lot of things happening daily. Also, the whole community shares a lot of exciting facts, experience, and opinions. You can read about recent improvements, market changes, opinions of experts, local regulations, security recommendations, new trading features, investment opportunities, and more. It's easy to stay tuned with all the news out there. Keep in mind: There is a lot of fake news and scam articles. You can start recognizing this information sooner or later. Afterwards if you wish to explore a new coin, you can easily assume what’s going on.
Bitcoin popularity

7. Great popularity

You can pay for almost everything. The market is expanding, and you can buy products, goods, services, play games, book a vacation, donate, and even more. Actually, the market is constantly expanding, and we see every day new things to buy with BTC. You can buy bitcoin with any payment type if you wish to get more. It includes credit cards, bank transfers, prepaid and debit cards, local payment gateways, and much more.
bticoin topics

8. Social Topic

You can talk to your friends, colleagues, and family about that. It's interesting when you share a discussion about bitcoin, ask for advice, search for something new. Talking about bitcoin and crypto is trendy. Furthermore, it can be a topic for absolutely any meeting, even a date.
Bitcoin Investment

9. Investment opportunity

The coin has potential, and many people expect to see it in action. The future of BTC is still a headline in many newspapers, media, and news. There are different methods to trade BTC, to buy and hold the coin securely until the price is very high, or even to start a business accepting crypto. It has a future.
Bitcoin experts

10. Expert assistance

There are many Bitcoin experts. It takes time to understand everything, and if you need further information, it’s easy to ask for help.

It can be customer support by an exchange platform, forum member, friend, local company, and more. Whatever you need, there is someone ready to help.

The supporters play a huge role in the whole community, and probably one day you can become one too.

Final Thoughts

You can see that Bitcoin is really #1 choice to start with crypto currencies. It's the backbone of the whole crypto market, and very soon it may become the core source of information for you.