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What is Local Bitcoins

It's one of the most popular P2P platforms to exchange BTC. It's made mostly to allow people to trade between themselves (1% fee for every completed trade, paid by the publisher) without using an exchange service.

It is established back in 2012 by Jeremias Kangas in Finland.

Since then, the platform because one of the most popular places to exchange Bitcoin to a fiat currency like USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, etc.

In 2019, Local Bitcoins changed its policy, and now it is required to make a KYC & AML account verification (for account volume over 1000 EUR) when you trade crypto to fiat.

Alternative Bitcoin Exchange

Since it is required to make account verification, the platform became like a real bitcoin exchange with its P2P nature. In the same time, it continues to hold old the previous interface, services, and features.

local bitcoin trading

When it comes to exchanging BTC to fiat (or the opposite), and you need to get your coins instantly (with no risk the platform to keep your funds), the platform of BitIreland can provide a great solution with this requirement.

Upon order, you can make a payment, and once the transfer is complete, you will receive your coins instantly to your wallet. It works the same way if you wish to sell BTC.

Why Choosing the Irish Local Bitcoins alternative

It's a blockchain-friendly service that doesn't keep your funds. The process is very fast, and you can use bank transfer to buy and sell BTC.

Local Bitcoin Exchange

Local Irish Bitcoin Exchange Platform

  • It's pretty much the same service, but it's much faster.
  • No need to negotiate an offer.
  • No worries about the origin of these coins.
  • No need to think who's the seller.
  • Faster transfer to a bank account by your choice.
  • The Platform is much easier to use.
  • Reliable customer support based in Dublin.

About the minimum order, it's the same amount of 200 EUR.

If you wish to take a look at how it works, you can create a free account and browse the exchange platform from inside. Yes, it's not P2P, but when you wish to get fair rates and trade Bitcoins, sometimes it's better to use the local exchange.

Where to open account?

Click here to sign up

In case you find it as a practical alternative to Local Bitcoins, just approve your account to trade real BTC, and there are no limits to Buy or Sell.