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Bitcoin in Sweden

The country is one of the most-friendly EU locations for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. There are no restrictions to own crypto coins. The blockchain business is also a well-developed.

The local market is full of solutions to get your first BTC.

Where to Buy Bitcoin in Sweden

Interestingly, there is no local ATM, so the only way to order crypto is by using an online exchange. There are local companies, international brands, and good EU-based solutions for those reasons. There are alternative solutions like P2P exchanges, but there are under regulations, and it’s still not clear what is the big difference compared to a regular exchange.

How to choose the best place to trade crypto? It always depends on your entry-level, and how familiar you are with crypto. For first time buyers, you need to use a company with reliable support, and instant responses to your requests.

The exchange platforms are open for each Swedish city like Stockholm, Malmo, Gothenburg, Uppsala, Umea, Lund, Helsinborg, Linkoping, and more.

Payment methods to Buy Bitcoin in Sweden

When you make a payment, you can choose between EUR or SEK. It’s up to the exchange platform what local currencies are supported. Sometimes, it can be only EUR or USD.

  • The most popular payment solutions are.
  • Bank Transfer (SEPA) - available at all regulated exchange.
  • PayPal - popular method, but with higher fees, it’s hard to find a PayPal exchange.
  • Credit cards (VISA & MasterCard) - there are additional transaction fees.
  • Karna - it’s almost impossible to find a crypto exchange using it.
  • Trustly - another good payment platform, but not so popular in the crypto space.

If you prefer to buy crypto in Swedish Krona, you can use a EUR bank account or credit card. Otherwise, you will need to make an additional currency exchange (SEK to EUR).

In case you can find a service with SEK, you can easily understand how much will be the price in your local currency.

Online solution to Buy Bitcoin (instantly) in Sweden

What can we offer to all Swedish crypto traders:

  • Acceptance: The exchange platform accepts customers from this country
  • Regulation: It’s part of the EU.
  • The available payment method: Bank Transfer (SEPA)
  • Minimum order: 200 EUR
  • Types of Trading: Buy or Sell
  • Required Wallet: Yes, you need to have a crypto wallet
  • Customer Support: Live Chat + Email
  • Fees: You can always see the exact fees for your order (before the purchase, not after that)
  • Transactions: Instant
  • Current Rates: Please, use the live BTC calculator

How to get started:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Approve your profile to trade BTC.
  3. Buy and Sell crypto with a bank transfer.

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