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Best way to buy Bitcoin

Every buyer is looking for the most suitable way to pay for crypto. It includes the fastest, the cheapest, and the easiest method.

There are many ways to make a purchase and complete the payment, but is the most appropriate one?

Buying Bitcoin with bank transfer

That’s the classic method but what’s the situation:


  • You’re using your money, not a credit.
  • It’s easier to avoid wrong transactions.
  • You don’t share vulnerable payment information.
  • There are meager additional fees.
  • Suitable for larger transactions.


  • The bank can decline the payment.
  • It is not instant. Sometimes it takes 1-3 business days.

The best solution: Use a local bank transfer like ACH, SEPA, E-Transfer, etc. They are instant, and it takes up to 24 hours to get payment confirmation.

Buying bitcoin with credit card

Credit cards are the most common solution for online payments. They’re widely accepted at almost all exchange platforms.

You can use any card like VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, and more.


  • Instant payment confirmation.
  • Straightforward process to pay.
  • You can request payment cancellation.


  • Additional transaction fees.
  • Some banks treat such transactions as a cash advance.
  • The bank may refuse the payment.
  • It works for small orders only (up to 2000-5000 EUR).
  • You will share your credit card details.
  • You’re buying crypto with credit (and you need to return the money).

Which way to choose for buying crypto

It’s easy to see that bank transfers are much better, even for first-time buyers. It’s much better to get crypto with your own money, not a credit. You have the choice of how much to order.

The only notable problem is if the bank decides to decline the bank transfer. However, you can have the same problem with credit cards. So, this disadvantage is not so important.

About the payment speed, if you make a local transfer, you can skip the delay. Also, some exchanges accept a copy of your bank transfer document, and they can confirm the order.

It’s a well-known phrase that buying crypto with credit cards is not a good decision. That’s one of the reasons BitIreland to offer only bank transfers (SEPA) which are instant.

However, it’s a personal choice how to proceed, but you have the knowledge base to make the right choice according to your current financial capabilities.