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How to turn your bank account into a Bitcoin Exchange

BitIreland has an innovative method that allows you to improve the functionality of your bank account and to make it a Bitcoin ATM and Exchange at the same time. It may sound confusing right now, but the whole process is quite simple.

This feature doesn't get access to your bank account, and any personal information within. It works with every Irish bank.

How to buy bitcoin with bank transfer

Note: You need to have an account at BitIreland.

  1. Select how much BTC you wish to purchase (any amount over 200 EUR).
  2. Then, you can make a 'Buy Order' which requires your BTC address (submitted by yourself in your order).
  3. After that, you can make the bank transfer (SEPA) to an IBAN and BIC in your order.

Once there is payment confirmation (usually within 1 business day), the BTC amount will be sent to your wallet, and the exchange process is done. That's it... Instantly.

The platform sends you email notifications on every step of the process so that you can track the whole exchange process.

You Can Send a Proof of Transfer (Copy of Bank Transfer Confirmation) and your BTC will be bought instantly.

buy bitcoin

As simple as possible, and it works very fast.

Instant Bitcoin ATM

The same process works when you wish to sell Bitcoins and get the amount to your Bank Account. If you have an associated debit card to this account, you can withdrawal the money from any ATM in Ireland.

  1. Make a 'Sell Order'
  2. Select how much BTC you wish to trade
  3. Add your Bank account details
  4. Confirm the order
  5. Send the Bitcoins from your wallet.

Upon BTC transaction confirmation, the amount in EUR will be sent to your bank account, and you can use the money via debit card, or another convenient way for you.

There is no need to get involved with many other 3rd party services and extra fees.

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You can get started quickly with free registration at BitIreland.ie (Local, Irish exchange, Dublin-based, and registered company).

It's possible to use any bank in Ireland to buy BTC - AIB, Barclays, BMO, Citibank, Bank of Ireland, Danske, Dell, CitiBank, EBS, KBC, UniCredit, Intesa Sanpaolo, or any other.