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Bitcoin Exchange

You need an exchange platform to make it happen. There is no local exchange service to do that near you. So moving to an online service can be the right decision in this case.

BitIreland is Irish-based company and we serve the whole Irish community worldwide.

Buy Bitcoin in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is part of the European Union which means you can smoothly exchange your BTC to EUR, or EUR to BTC using our platform. To Buy Bitcoin, you can use Bank Transfer (SEPA Transfer).

BTC Exchange Northern Ireland

It doesn't matter in which city you live - Belfast, Ballymena, Coleraine, Craigavon, Derry, Dungannon, Lisburn, Newry or other location.

There is only one thing. Your bank account is probably with pound sterling (GBP). With every payment in EUR, you'll need to make an internal exchange (GBP/EUR) to make the transfer. Alternatively, you can use a 3rd party service (if you don't have EUR account) for money transfer with SEPA (which may have lower interbank fees).

Sell Bitcoin in Northern Ireland

Selling Bitcoins is a very simple process. There is nothing complicated. You can transfer coins from your portfolio and get its equivalent in Euro directly into your bank account. Again it will be exchanged to GBP once the transfer is received.

sell btc online

To do that, you need to have a profile and submit an order. Afterwards, simple send the BTC amount you wish to sell to a given address in your order. The whole process is straightforward, and you can get help at every step of the process.

Bitcoin ATM in Northern Ireland

This option is only available in the Castle Court Shopping Center, Belfast (Royal Ave, Belfast BT1 1DD).

For now, that's the only ATM in Northern Ireland. We hope to see more ATMs in the near future, but it may take some time.

However, if it's closer to your location, you can use the ATMs available is in Ireland - Dublin (1), Galway (1), Cork city (2).

If you wish to exchange your BTC very soon, it will be faster to do that online using our exchange service. It's available 24/7, and you can convert and withdraw Bitcoins wherever you are (buy or sell).

In case you have any concerns about how to Buy/Sell bitcoins in Northern Ireland, please feel free to reach out. We're here to help.